Joey Scarlotti


Joey has the ability to talk to his close friends telepathically. He also has the ability to project incredibly realist illusions into people’s minds even to the point where they stop interacting with the real word and are trapped the illusion in their mind.

Welcome to Joey’s World!


Joey was 12 when a bully pushed him down the stairs at school. His legs were fractured in too many places to count. The orthopedic surgeon operated drunk and caused permanent nerve damage in his legs ensuring that he would never walk again. The malpractice settlement was fairly large and was set up in a trust that provides a hefty annual income. These incidents damaged his trust in most people and after his parents were killed during a break in while he was away at college he gradually developed agoraphobia. He plays online computer and PnP games and has a circle of friends he knows from college before he completely shut himself in. He is the Game Master for any game he is in.

Joey is a shut-in agoraphobe … what the Japanese would call a Hikikomori. He doesn’t like or trust people in general and is hard to get close to but is very loyal to his friends that have gotten close.

Joey Scarlotti

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