Jack DeBeer


Jack’s body is composed of what appears to be diamond. This makes him incredibly resistant to physical attacks. He is also incredibly strong. There is video footage of him lifting and throwing a car.


Jack DeBeer was a geologist who was hired to do a land survey for the possibility of tin in Jackson. During the survey he found evidence of an inactive volcano and the proper conditions for diamonds. His greed took over and he made an unfavorable report to the state. After the state passed buying the land he bought it and began excavating. He found diamonds where there should not be any and started a diamond company where he sold to department stores and jewelry stores. He became rich quickly and when the state got wind of things they sued him. A bribe here and there insured the courts ruled in his favor and his wealth was locked in place. His greed didn’t stop there as he began to take over other diamond distributors and the ones he couldn’t take over he colluded with to set prices.

After the event his body was made of diamonds,not smooth like a single diamond, jagged, sharp with crystals sprouting from his diamond body. He was much larger, stronger than before,near impossible to harm but his massive crystalline hands were good for nothing. He couldn’t even fix a cup of tea.Jack felt he was being punished for his greed. He vowed to try and help people and maybe karma would restore his looks. He still struggles daily with his greed and has an assistant to do the things for him he can’t. He finds some peace in his cooking, having special custom utensils made for his massive hands and enjoys cooking for others.

Jack DeBeer

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