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Jack DeBeer
Joey Scarlotti
Pedro Gonzales
Maharasu Iwasa
Billy Mays Waters

Endorsement Deals
Empowered Technologies


Anthony Brown (Currently in Iraq)
Garret Logan (Unknown)
Michael Moore
Patricia Adams (Apartment)
Sarah Collins (Apartment)
Victoria White (Apartment)
William Young (Apartment)
Star (Apartment)
Keith Mills
Mia Nguyen (Apartment)
Grace Wilkins (Apartment)


Astral Projection Guy, High School Student that can astral project.
Rodney Logan, Shield, Guard member (Currently in Iraq)
Alvin McKee, Creates extra dimensional portals (Apartment)
Amy Baily, Vampire (Apartment)
Roger Wilson, Dog guy (Living with wife)
John Phillips, Lion guy (Living at Tyrone’s house)
Tyrone Davidson, Unknown abilities

Chrome, High level of strength and damage resistance
El Jabali, Enhanced strength, speed, and tusks that can be used as weapons.
Miasma, Creates poison gas

Gangster Disciples
Jerome Coleman, Mind link and super presense
Theo Hodge, Energy that gives him high levels of strength and damage resistance
Jada King, Snake woman, enhanced strength, speed, and poisonous bite
Tyler Jackson, Desolid

The World

Known Empowereds

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