Endorsement Deals

GoDaddy, Group deal 1.5 million for 5 commercials, renewable for 5 years

All State, Group deal for 1 million a year for 4 commercials with option to renew for 5 years.

Nike, Star Brand Shoes 1M/yr
Cascade Water, 10% Stake in Company
Cascade Dish Soap, 350K/yr

Action Figures


All State
Marketing company, 150K
All Split, 50K
Jack, 200K
Masi, 200K
Pedro & Cascade, 100K each
Star, 200K Once commercial is made

GoDaddy, 300K
Marketing, 45K
Split, 15K
Star, 48K
Masi, 48K
Pedro, 48K
Jack, 48K
Cascade, 48K

YouTube, 300K a month (You are currently #5 most popular youtube channel)
Marketing, 45K
Split, 15K
Star, 25% 60K
Masi, 20% 48K
Cascade, 15% 36K
Jack, 10% 24K
Pedro, 10% 24K
Victoria, 5% 12K
Bill, 5% 12K
Amy, 5% 12K
Group, 5% 12K

The merchandising income is similar to YouTube income, so you can double the YouTube amounts.

Everyone working for the TN guard also gets a salary.

Endorsement Deals

Empowered Calsar