Maharasu Iwasa


Masi has ability to manifest a blade of pure energy that can cut through just about anything, though it does no physical damage to living opponents it only renders them unconscious. He also possess super human reflexes and speed.


Maharasu Iwasa, known to his friends as Masi, grew up only ever wanting to protect people. He was enamored of the mythology surrounding his native country, Japan, and ideal of the samurai warrior devoted to protection. Because of that lifelong desire of protection he decided to go into law enforcement as an adult. He was a good cop and was eventually tapped to take part in a multi task force drug sting operation which erupted into a huge firefight. In the course of that fight he became accidentally responsible for the shooting death of an innocent bystander. He was unable to overcome his remorse from this and became gun shy. He ended up resigning from the force but still has that drive to help people so he became a private detective. He carries a taser instead of a gun. It is perhaps because of that fascination with the samurai that, when he manifested powers, his powers took the form they did of the energy katana.

Maharasu Iwasa

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