Billy Mays Waters


After the event, Billy became Cascade. With sheeting action. He leaves your crime problems virtually spotless! He can assume a liquefied form that is more resistant to damage than a solid bodied human. He can flow under doors and through the tiniest cracks. How much would you pay for powers like that? But wait, that’s not all. He can grab water from pipes or even the water table below and use it to lift or carry items. Now how much would you pay? But wait, we’re still not finished. He can blast people with water like a fire hose. Order now and we’ll throw in the power to be completely invisible when totally immersed in water and the ability to swim very, very fast. Order now! Operators are standing by!


illy Mays Waters was a treasure hunter — especially of the sea. He sailed with the crew of the “Mother Duck” as they looked for valuables in wrecks left on the ocean floor. The crew owned a small submersible called the “Duckling”. They even had a “reality” show on a cable channel “Voyage of the Mother Duck”.

While the crew has found lots of treasure, everyone but their captain usually spends it as fast as they make it. So Billy was hired to raise funds to finance the crew’s treasure hunts. He employed his considerable salesmanship skills to con… convince investors into funding the hunts.

The crew had begun to experiment with an experimental breathable liquid that allows divers to stay underwater longer and deeper with drastically lessened chance of contracting the “bends”. Billy didn’t notice it at the time, but the experimental substance had altered his cellular structure, preparing him for a radical change during the event.

Billy was – and still is – skilled in the ways of a professional treasure hunter. He knows how to pilot a wide variety of ocean going vessels, can navigate the land and sea, is familiar with marine survival, and can appraise the treasures he finds and trade them with equal skill. He uses Lockpicking and Security Systems to protect his crews’ treasures, and his knowledge of mechanics to fix the engines in the crew’s boats.

Billy Mays Waters

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